Maintaining Mental Health in Isolation

I can imagine a lot of people who aren’t used to self-isolating and being stuck at home are really struggling with the Covid-19 lockdowns. I can also imagine people who were already quite isolated before finding the increased restrictions even more alienating, me being one of them. Humans are social creatures. The abilities to loveContinue reading “Maintaining Mental Health in Isolation”

Overcoming Panic Disorder Without Medication

The ‘go-to’ first line of defense against anxiety disorders and similar mental health issues in Western healthcare seems to almost always be medication. Yes, it can be the lesser of two evils and the way out of a dark patch for many (including myself), but most would agree that spending the rest of their livesContinue reading “Overcoming Panic Disorder Without Medication”

Intentions and Acceptance

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time researching material on overcoming panic disorder. Like many people prone to anxiety, I have a tendency to attempt to try to over-think my way out of problems. There’s endless amounts of YouTube videos, books, websites, and forum posts explaining different techniques for what to do when the dreadContinue reading “Intentions and Acceptance”